Do you appreciate good music, and enjoy live concert performances? Do you want to actively encourage live brass music in and around Cornwall?


Roche Brass offers you an opportunity to do just that through its Patrons scheme.

This new band has been formed by some of the very best brass players across the County, with a core of players from Roche itself, who decided that the County, and in particular Roche needed something new and fresh.


In a matter of weeks from the initial concept, a full band of fine players is lined up that has the potential to be the best brass band in the County, and one that could also compete with the very best nationally.


The Bands 5-year plan aims to see us:


- Become one of the highest ranked bands in Cornwall thus attracting the highest quality brass and percussion players

- Achieve Championship national grading status

- Seek contest successes that place the Band as a major regional player in the brass band world

- Perform at competitions that support and engage with the regional community

- Perform at major regional concerts or other events

- Develop innovative relationships with other musical groups that would enhance the brass genre and increase audience awareness of the brass sound (e.g. with choirs, rock bands, school bands, vocal groups, and dance companies etc)

- Develop the use of artistic mediums and technologies to support and develop brass music making

- Commence a programme of educational engagement (performing in or organising training or 'discover brass' events)

- Form various support mechanisms for the band both financially and musically (such as a training band) to ensure the sustainability of the Band

- Commission new brass music regularly from regional composers that would assist the band achieve all of the above

If you would like to help us achieve these goals, we would be delighted if you or your company became a Patron.


Benefits to becoming a Patron
Roche Brass hopes to be proud to be supported by a wide range of Patrons and supporters who are dedicated to helping the young people of Cornwall reach and fulfill their potential.


Patrons are entered into the Band's Patrons Society in recognition of the financial support they give to the Band to enable it to continue to make a real and lasting difference.


The Band will be very close to its Patrons, providing them with regular reports about member's achievements and Band activities alongside invitations to witness first-hand the difference their Patronage makes.


And each year, the Band will host a special evening for our Patrons which celebrate their involvement with the Band, thanking them for their support which enables our young people to shine.


Aside from the knowledge that you are doing 'your bit' to help the young people of Roche realise and meet their potential, there are many reasons to become a patron:


- advance notification of concertsrecognition in each of our concert programmes

- Receive regular Band updates

- Be named on our website as an Individual or Company Patron

- If you are a business, your logo will appear on our website with a link through to the company website

- An invitation to our annual celebration held for our Supporters and Patrons


Roche Brass needs the help and support of music-lovers like you. Our Patrons will help to ensure that the band has a secure future, and that we can continue to give quality concert performances. I hope that you will give some consideration to joining us.


Patron Fees
Unlike a lot of other organisations, there is no set amount that we ask for to become a Patron. A donation will entitle you to become a patron of the band for one year, and can then be renewed annually, if you would like to continue supporting the band. We would very much appreciate anything that you can afford to give us.

In return, you will receive regular updates from the Band telling you where your money has been spent helping our young people across a wide range of activities, with the aim of helping them become 'tomorrow's citizens today'.


Payment options

For more information on how to become a Patron, please download the attached form, or contact the Bands Secretary Richard Hawkey on 01726 892848 or via email


Becoming a Patron will mean the Band will be able to reach more young people.


We really hope that you will be able to support us.

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